Private General Practice

Extracellular provides private face to face or video GP appointments by doctors who also work in the NHS.

Extracellular General Practice Consultations

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Blood Tests – We can arrange blood tests at our clinic as necessary after you have seen one of our doctors

  • ECGs – This is a test that shows the electrical activity of the heart. This can be arranged after seeing one of our doctors

  • Private Referrals letters to specialists

  • Follow-up telephone consultations

  • Private prescriptions – Please note that if a private prescription is given the pharmacy will charge for the cost of the medication. This can be significantly higher than the NHS prescription charge

  • Radiology: x-rays and certain scans can be arranged at one of our partner sites following a discussion with one of our doctors

During your appointment with us we may take some time to go over your medical background as we do not have access to your NHS medical records. This allows us to deliver safe care and helps us understand more about your personal and medical history. Our GPs will take the time to listen to your concerns, offer professional advice and discuss possible treatment options with you to help you reach a shared decision about your healthcare needs.

We may need to perform a clinical examination or refer you for further blood tests, investigations, or specialist care, which may incur additional charges. If you choose not to have these done privately, we can communicate with your own NHS GP to consider these on the NHS at their own discretion.


  • Appointments: £85 for 20 minutes and £100 for 30 minutes (Please note that if a private prescription is given the pharmacy will charge for the cost of the medication. This can be significantly higher than the NHS prescription charge)

  • Private Referral letters (included in the fee)

  • Blood tests: If appropriate, blood tests can be taken. These are individually priced and a charge of £85 is added for a follow up consultation to discuss the results. We also offer a routine health check package at a cost of £200 for a full blood count (check for anaemia), kidney function tests, liver function tests, thyroid function, HbA1c (test for diabetes) and a lipid profile (cholesterol and fat levels)

  • ECG: £60 for an electrical tracing of your heart that is reported by a cardiologist (heart specialist)


The first appointment is your opportunity to tell your story. We have a relaxed, open conversational style which allows patients to feel listened to.

Usually, clients would talk through any current symptoms and discuss any queries they have or expectations from the appointment. You may have already been keeping a diary or have written a list (this is always helpful!). We are likely to ask some questions about your general health, lifestyle and previous medical issues.

If you are on medication then please bring this with you.

If you have access to your medical record online it is helpful to have this accessible on your mobile device for reference.

It may be necessary to examine you if you reveal any symptoms that require this.

We would then discuss your follow-up requirements and we will write to you with a summary of our discussion.

How to Contact us


07895 272195

Opening Hours

Tues -Thurs – Fri:

Tuesday 2PM – 6PM

Thursday & Friday

9AM – 2PM


139 Manchester Road, Altrincham, WA14 5NS

Parking at the rear of the building.

Private Home Visits

Home visits are available in the Altrincham Area, Hart District & North Hampshire Area.