Women’s Health

Our Women’s Health Doctor, Dr Beverley Matta, is an experienced NHS GP who has additional training and qualifications in Women’s Health


As GPs we are used to seeing a vast array of Women’s health complaints. These may include:

– Menopause advice & HRT prescribing (including the very popular question ‘could I be peri-menopausal?’)

– Contraception services including coils

– Period concerns (heavy/ irregular/ absent)

– Vaginal symptoms (discomfort/ discharge/ itch/ rashes)

– Prolapse symptoms (dragging pains/ urinary incontinence symptoms)

– Sexual concerns (pain/ libido issues)

– Private secondary care referrals

– Nexplanon Insertion & Removal


Contraceptive counselling:

  • Telephone appointment: 15 minutes –  £85

Coils/ implants 

  • Coil removal £150
  • Copper coil insertion £200
  • Hormonal coil insertion £275
  • Coil removal/insertion £325
  • Contraceptive implant insertion £210
  • Contraceptive implant removal £165
  • Implant removal/insertion £350
  • Contraceptive Progesterone Injection – Depo Provera (£100)

Menopause consults

  • Menopause initial consultation – 50 minutes –  £275
  • Follow-up consultation – 30 minutes – £165
  • Package- initial and first follow up £400 (save 10%)
  • Menopause advice call £85
  • Additional private prescription £35


  • Blood test cost (depends on the test ordered)
  • Bloods review/ script- £85


The first appointment is your opportunity to tell your story. We have a relaxed, open conversational style which allows patients to feel listened to.

Usually, clients would talk through any current symptoms and discuss any queries they have or expectations from the appointment. You may have already been keeping a diary or have written a list (this is always helpful!). We are likely to ask some questions about your general health, lifestyle and previous medical issues.

If you are on medication then please bring this with you.

If you have access to your medical record online it is helpful to have this accessible on your mobile device for reference.

It may be necessary to examine you if you reveal any symptoms that require this.

A speculum examination (similar process to a smear test) might be needed. You would be offered a chaperone in this instance (and please don’t worry about needing to be ‘groomed’).

Following this, we may decide together that a prescription is required and this can be issued as part of the appointment.

We would then discuss your follow-up requirements and we will write to you with a summary of our discussion.

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For any inquiries or to contact us, please reach out via Contact Us.

We are here to support you.

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